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National Coverage Annual Report

Use the browser below to select the Document Type and Year of the report you would like to see and select the ‘Submit’ button to return your results. After submitting your criteria, you may select the document title to view the details page for the specific record. You can also select items using their corresponding check boxes in the right column. After selecting the check boxes you can print the selected items or add them to your basket by selecting the ‘Print Selected’ or ‘Add to Basket’ buttons.

The annual report is run based on the date the NCA/CAL was opened (tracking sheet posted) and/or on the date the NCA/CAL was closed (decision memo posted). For example, if an NCA/CAL was opened in 2011 and closed in 2012, it would appear on both the 2011 and 2012 reports. The NCD year references the NCD Transmittal Date.

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